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Marine Fuel System Treatment 10 oz Case

Provides 3 benefits in one bottle: best in class corrosion protection, category leading fuel stability and the trusted cleaning power of Techron – all backed by Chevron science.

  • Maximum corrosion (rust) control of the entire fuel system in the most severe conditions. Test data shows that Techron Marine maximizes corrosion protection in both salt and fresh water environments and outperforms other fuel stabilizers.
  • Stabilizes fuel for up to 24 months, delivering more than 4X fuel oxidation stability over pump fuel alone.
  • Detergency cleans, removes and prevents intake valve deposits in port fuel injected engines, which improves engine operability issues such as rough idle and accelerator / throttle responsiveness.
  • Cleans and controls carbon and combustion chamber deposits, minimizing cold start problems and deposit-related knock and ping. Prevents gum and varnish and disperses any that already exist in the fuel system.
  • Uniquely formulated to not contribute to water absorption and is alcohol free, which helps reduce the risk of engine damage caused by excess water in the fuel during the combustion process.

Techron Marine is recommended for:

  • Gasoline engines including carbureted, two-stroke, port or electronic fuel injected and direct injected engines. Not for aviation.
  • Engines burning ethanol-blended fuel, such as E10, E15 and E85
  • Treat Rate: 1 oz. of Techron Marine treats 10 gallons of gasoline