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Delo 400 XSP SAE 15W-40 delivers value through:

Low Volatility Synthetic Base Stock - Promotes low oil consumption. Specially formulated to minimize oil consumption


SN/SN PLUS Approved - API SN/SN PLUS Approved for use in gasoline fueled vehicles.


Minimized Operating Costs - Exceptional soot dispersancy and wear control protect the cylinders, pistons, rings, and valve train components against wear and corrosion, promoting optimum service life and minimal maintenance. Contributes to maximum vehicle utilization and minimal downtime.


Excellent Emission Control System Life - Promotes long Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) life for minimal downtime and cleaning, thus minimizing maintenance costs.


Managed Inventory Costs - Is compatible with previous API Oil Service Categories. Suitable for use in gasoline engines and naturally aspirated or turbocharged electronically controlled/low emission diesel engines. One oil that meets the engine performance requirements of most North American and European engine manufacturers. One oil that allows users with a wide mix of engine brands to enjoy simplified inventory and dispensing systems that minimize inventory costs, space and handling time.


Warranty Plus Protection - Bumper-to-bumper warranty protection from the engine to the drive train. Payment for Chevron lubricant-related damage to your equipment, including parts and labor. Problem resolution and technical advice from Chevron’s lubrication experts.

Pickup Trucks, Truck Fleets, Agriculture, Construction

Delo 400 XSP SAE 15W-40 with ISOSYN Advanced Technology is a mixed-fleet motor oil recommended for naturally aspirated and turbocharged four-stroke diesel engines and four-stroke gasoline engines in which the API CK-4, API SN or API SN PLUS service categories and SAE 15W-40 viscosity grade is recommended. It is formulated for engines operating under severe service and a wide range of climatic conditions.

Delo 400 XSP SAE 15W-40 with ISOSYN Advanced Technology is excellent for use in engines developed to meet 2010 emissions standards and in enginesequipped with features like four-valve heads, supercharging, turbocharging, direct injection, shorter piston crowns, higher power density, intercooling, full electronic management of fuel and emissions systems, exhaust gas recirculation, and exhaust particulate filters.

This product is recommended for use in older engines, as well as in today’s most modern low emission designs.
Delo 400 XSP SAE 15W-40 is approved for:
  • API Service Categories CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4,CI-4 PLUS, CH-4, SN, SN PLUS
  • Cummins CES 20086
  • Detroit Fluids Specification (DFS) 93K222