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Chevron Starplex HD 2 M5 grease delivers value for the off-road construction and mining industries by offering:

Corrosion and wear protection

Water resistance — Water resistance in both submerged and direct pressure spray situations

Shock load protection

Temperature Stability — Performance across a wide temperature range from extremely hot to extremely cold conditions, this unique heavy duty EP product line delivers when needed most

Commercial Trucks, Agriculture, Cement, Construction, Quarry & Mining, Truck Fleets

Starplex Grease HD 2 M5 is recommended for:

Off-Road Construction — This grease displays outstanding water washout and spray-off resistance properties in wet, off-road environments and offers excellent shock load extreme pressure (EP) protection. Applications for the product include most types of heavy-duty earth moving machinery, including tractors (dozers), excavators, backhoes, shovels, high lifts, articulated loaders, haul trucks, tri-axle dumps and more.
Surface and Underground Mining and Quarry — Applications appropriate for this grease includes those found above plus pins and bushings on buckets, loaders, shovels and continuous miners, shaker screens, crushers, and conveyors.
Agriculture — General and industrial farm and agricultural use, from meadium to heavy duty front steer and articulated tractors and loaders to larger new rubber tracked units. These products will work well in many applications including three point hitches, high lift pins and bushings and other heavy duty farm related industrial machinery.
Heavy Duty On/Off Highway Road Construction and Maintenance Vehicles — This product is well suited for greasing on/off road heavy duty tri-axle dump trucks and cement mixers that also find their way off road as much as on. Starplex Grease HD 2 M5 is an excellent choice for king pins, bushing and bucket pins, 5th wheels and other severe duty applications found on these types of vehicles. It is also ideally suited for on highway heavy duty applications as well as airport fixed ground operation snow and ice removal equipment, such as plows, blowers and salt spreaders when the preferred method of lubrication is by manual application. This products was formulated using a new rust inhibitor package tested with 0.5% mixtures of magnesium chloride and calcium chloride road de-icers and was proven to reduce rust and corrosion when these corrosive materials were present.
Starplex Grease HD 2 M5 is not intended for use:

in high-speed bearing applications such as those found in electric motors due to the greases’ high viscosity base stocks formulation. When in doubt, please consult your Chevron representative or OEM maintenance manual for application parameters when considering a switch to this grease.