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Supreme Motor Oil is specifically formulated with quality base oils and cutting-edge additives to:

  • Help maximize the power of your engine while maintaining cleanliness.
  • Deliver good protection against sludge and deposit formation under both normal and challenging driving conditions.
  • Help prevent Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) in turbocharged direct-injection engines.
  • Help maximize the life of catalytic converters / emissions control systems.
  • Slow the aging process by reducing wear to keep engines running longer.

Passenger cars, SUVs, Pickup Trucks, Automotive Fleets

Supreme Motor Oil 10W-40 is suitable for both new and high-mileage cars, as well as turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines. Primarily for older engines that specify legacy API specifications (SN Plus, SN, SL, SJ, SG, SF). Also, for use in lawnmowers, forestry equipment, construction, snow blowers and other four-stroke engines that specify a single oil weight (SAE 30 and SAE 40).
Supreme Motor Oil 10W-40 meets or exceeds the following industry and OEM standards:
  • API SP/SN Plus